Anonymous asked:
"Cruise is terrific! Whew, hotttt! You know what's even hotter - Brittana sexy times with feelings! Will we get to see it? Please?Pretty please??"

No, you are terrific!

I’ll consider your proposition. Let’s see if it stirs my imagination the right way…

Anonymous asked:
"when will you updating your story "Mafia"? :)"

Hi! I’m actually in the process of writing the climax. After that, the most excruciating part of the work will be done. Reviewing it myself; having it beta’ed; and publishing it are the fastest stages. So expect something soon!

If I can stop writing those wonderful prompts that is

Anonymous asked:
"i was at school when i read the 2nd part if Cruise. i have never been more frustated in my life. Ps: thank you sooo much for this. please right more of brittana in Cruise"

WHAT DO YOU MEAN SCHOOL???? are there teens on this thing??????????????????????????????????????????????????

Am I corrupting the youth???////////

Anonymous asked:
"sub santana! sub santana! please give me some sub santana!"

I hope you liked Cruise 4, babe. ;)

Anonymous asked:
"You are driving me crazy, in the best possible way, with Cruise. It's perfect. You rock!"

No, you rock!

Anonymous asked:
"Yaaaaaaaasssssssssssss maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaasssssssss. All the wonderful Cruise, all the time. I'm glad that Santana learned how shit is handled with miss brittany pierce."

You don’t mess with Brittany. 

ficlet | Cruise (4)

Character(s): Santana L. & Brittany P.

Summary: Brittany works for a cruise line. Santana’s dragged to a lesbian cruise to properly rebound from her latest breakup.

Note! See parts (1) e (2), Brittana, and part (3), Faberry, within the same verse.

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Anonymous asked:
"should we keep sending you /cough/porn/cough/ prompts? L.O.L. d;"

if you manage to seduce me enough i’ll write it. ;)

Anonymous asked:
"Told you Fabray was a big bottom! I didn't know how much though!! I love this cruise so much I want a ride there (wanky) now please give me a Brittana punishment to Santana. Obviously Britt is not going to let slide Santana flirting after being warned."

Santana has been a very, very bad girl.

chewvic asked:
"Not-gay Quinn is cute and Loud Quinn so very, very hot. And Forward Gay Rachel, oh dear god.. She reminds me of when Rachel had the makeover and she became sexy and oh there goes my brain again. The Cruise series (world?) are just so damn sexyyyyy that I can't even. _( :I ㄱㄴ)_ (And yes, I cannot deny that I enjoy some well-written porn every now and then =P )"

That’s the precise Rachel I’m striving for. Makeover-Sexy-Rachel. Confident Forward Gay Rachel. All the right kinds of Rachel.


Anonymous asked:
"OMG OMG OMG I didn't even knew I liked Faberry so much before that chapter! What have you done??"

chewvic asked:
"My brain is fried from the cruise ficlets. "You're going to be the death of me" may be the perfect sentence to describe these . I can't think anymore _( :Qㄱㄴ)_ (That's me drooling on the floor after reading the Cruise parts 1&2) (Can there be more? Can I hope?)"

ficlet | Cruise (3)

Character(s): Quinn F. & Rachel B.

Summary: Quinn meets Rachel on a lesbian cruise. But she’s not gay.

Important! See parts (1) e (2), Brittana, within the same verse. 

For all you horny ladies who wanted Cruise!Faberry. ;)

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